My Month in Photos

Hi guys!

So I thought I’d just give you a quick whizz through my last couple of months in photo form.


Here’s a picture I took at the train station waiting to come home for the weekend in the middle of the term, it felt like such a nice warm day at that point, unfortunately by the time I got home it was chucking it down.


I saw this lovely sunrise one morning on the way to placement, it brightened my morning and set me up for a good day so I thought I would capture (and ofc Instagram) the moment.


Look at how delicious these look! My mouth is watering just writing this. I went for an ice cream date with my best friend at my new favourite place; Gelato Passion. I’ve never really seen a dessert restaurant/café before moving to Leeds and now there’s literally at least three within walking distance of me, heaven! (Although not so heavenly for my sugar intake)


For the last two weeks of term I’ve been involved in a project researching and learning about the history of illness in children, this included a trip to Howarth and the Bronte Parsonage museum (this is the view from outside). The visit was so eye opening, it definitely inspired me to get reading again (starting with Jane Eyre!).


Here is a picture of the beautiful Christmas dinner me and my housemates created. I was really impressed that it actually turned out to not be a disaster (insert party emoji), although not so impressed that I couldn’t finish it all. The rest of that evening was filled with other Christmassy fun including secret santa and an 8 round, homemade Christmas quiz.

Gingerbread latte

Both my parents had the day off on Wednesday so we hit the gym in the morning and went out for gingerbread lattes (aka best drink ever) in the afternoon. Here is my classic ‘white girl’ snap of my latte, so cliché.

Coffee and mince pie

This is my less impressive coffee (in my Sindy mug, how old am I?) but with my favourite Christmas treat… a mince pie! I have been craving one of these since I first spotted them a month ago in Aldi and convinced myself they weren’t a necessity; how wrong I was. Now I’m back home, two boxes down and couldn’t be happier.

So as per usual, the majority of my pictures over the last few months involve food. I’m pretty certain I do do things other than just eat, but I never seem to think about documenting it unless there’s something tasty on show. Maybe this is something I can change over the new year..


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Uninspired and Tired

So I’m home for Christmas! Hoorayy!

I’m loving being with my family again so much, but for the past two days everyone has been at work/school and I’ve been feeling a bit lost.

Back to uni 4

Don’t get me wrong, normally I love nothing more than a day at home to myself to catch up with reading or blogging or any other little jobs that need doing, but I’ve just been feeling so uninspired. All I want to do is slob on the sofa which is fine, but even doing that I feel quite angsty and frustrated like I should be doing something else.

Reading blogs isn’t helping either because they just make me want to produce all this amazing content and whenever I try, it all comes out as a ramble of words. This is just reverting me back to my ‘oh I’m just not a creative person’ mindset, where I feel like I just can’t do it and should stop trying. I know this isn’t what I really want though, I want to keep this creative outlet, even if it only gets attention in the holidays (and is hidden from everyone I know).

I finished my last week of uni feeling inspired after visiting so many museums and talking about so many books, that I would start properly reading again but I just can’t engage with anything.

I don’t think the weather’s helping either, I just hate how dark it’s getting so early, it’s making me feel miserable and like I can’t do anything productive with my day after about half 3 because that’s the day over.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve gone from being so busy to having no plans and I’m feeling a bit ill and restless anyway. I’m hoping it will just pass in a couple of days and I’ll stop feeling permanently irritated.

If anyone has any tips on how to get out of my slump then please comment!

Eating Healthy to Feel Healthy

So far this term I have been fairly healthy; by this I mean trying my best to hit 4ish of my five a day, snacking less and drinking a gallon of water. Along with hitting the gym/pool a few times a week this has actually been making me feel a lot less grotty. But I can feel this slowly starting to slip..

Gradually my cravings for chocolate have begun increasing and my budget has been decreasing, this has led to 30p bars of Aldi chocolate becoming a lot more attractive than a £1 pack of lettuce.


The thing I struggle most with is lunch. It is so hard to find something exciting and healthy-ish that won’t go off in a day or break the bank and actually tastes good. There’s also the added difficulty of it having to be transported to uni.

For example, today I finished uni before lunch so I had the prime opportunity to whip up something healthy, when in reality I actually grabbed a pack of Aldi’s own (see the theme here) super noodles and shoved them in the microwave. Now I am sat in bed writing this in a post noodle slump when I really should be revising for my spot test.

I always try and justify my unhealthy choices with ‘oh well I could do with putting on a bit of weight anyway’. Although that may be true, this is not the right way to be going about it and is making me feel unmotivated and gross so it’s really not worth it.

The purpose of this post? Basically me giving myself a well needed wake up call to get my act together and set some health goals:

  1. Stop buying super noodles/other ready meal alternatives
  2. Snack if you want, but not everyday and please consider fruit before chocolate
  3. Buy the fruit (it’s worth the money) and eat it before it goes mouldy
  4. Make the effort with preparing lunch the night before, you’ll be grateful in the morning
  5. Look up some new lunch ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment

Overall I would say that I’m moderately healthy for a student and people who know what I eat probably would say that I’m overreacting. Maybe its just the noodles talking, but if I can feel a difference in my mood and energy levels then it’s worth doing something about.

What are your tips for eating healthier?

Keeping Fit at Uni

I am ashamed to admit that my last (and first) fitness post was the last time I actually went out on my bike… oops! I don’t know what happened, I was busy on the days the weather was nice and couldn’t face going for a ride in the rain. I also moved back to uni 4 weeks ago, so I no longer have access to a bike.

Last week I decided my inactive period had to end, so here are the tips I’ve found useful for keeping fit at uni.

Consider buying a gym membership

Now I am all for free exercise and was planning on following Youtube yoga tutorials and go out for jogs, but I realised by planning this pressure free exercise schedule I wasn’t sticking to it at all. I decided that if I spent money on the gym then it would pressure me into going to get my money’s worth. This is something that just worked for me, so don’t feel like you have to buy one if you are motivated enough to stick to a home workout plan.

Get the look

I’m not saying you should go and splash out on high end, branded fitness gear (of course you can if you want!), but looking the part definitely helps motivate me to workout. Especially if you are new to exercising or going to the gym, having the appropriate outfit makes me feel as though I belong a bit more. It is also useful for more practical reasons like if you have trainers without the necessary support then your feet will hurt, or if you aren’t wearing flexible clothing you will feel constricted.

Gym clothes

Plan it out

Because the membership I bought only allows access to the gym at restricted times and my timetable is usually pretty busy I’m having to plan my exercise times. I’m finding this helps me to actually stick to a schedule too, especially if I write it in my planner.

Involve your friends

Another way of ensuring I stick to my schedule is planning to go with my friends, this way I have extra motivation to get up that hour early to go swimming because I don’t want to let other people down. This also makes working out more fun and gives you a chance to catch up with friends over something more productive than coffee (although definitely still do that).

Vary your activities

I don’t know about you but I find that going to the gym to do the same hour routine every few days/week can get very boring. My advice is to try out the other facilities your gym offers, for example swimming or exercise classes, or even just dedicate one session to cardio and another to weights and floor work. You could also join a sports society, which not only means you will make new friends, but you can also try some really wacky sports; like the Quidditch society at my uni! Including variety into your workout routines will make them more interesting and motivating.

Celebrate the small goals

I make sure to set myself small goals for each workout, like swimming 54 lengths instead of 50, and make sure to acknowledge when I achieve them. Even just realising that your normal routine is getting that little bit easier to complete is a great feeling and makes it all feel worth it.

Hope these were useful. What workout tips do you have?

Busy Lives and Bake Off

I can see this whole being back at uni thing becoming a problem blog-wise. I have now remembered why my blog got very little attention over the past year, clearly the summer gave me temporary memory loss, because I am very busy.

Being in uni 9-5 the majority of days isn’t even the big problem; it’s that when I get back I have so many lectures to write up, assignments to complete and food to make. Mix that with actually wanting to see my housemates and being so exhausted that all I can bring myself to do is watch weird documentaries on Netflix all results in a very neglected blog.


All I can say is I will do my best, I do really enjoy this blog but at the end of the day my studies have to come first; especially as second year of medicine is notoriously one of the harder ones in Leeds. I’m not abandoning this, but don’t be expecting a crazy busy posting schedule, I do kind of want to keep my sanity (as much as possible).

With that out of the way, here’s what has happened in my first few weeks back at uni!

In the first week my three friends from home came to stay and experience midweek nights out in Leeds. We began the two day stay with my first trip to Reds, the BBQ restaurant with the quirky ‘meat bible’ for a menu.


This is what my flatmates were greeted with when they woke up Thursday morning. This was the 3am sick cleaning attempt, classy I know (not mine I might add).


After night out number two we were ready for the mammoth hangover cure that was this brunch…


A moving in present from me to me was a desperately needed new pair of jeans.


Getting back into the routine of cooking for myself has been a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, here is my dubious looking attempt at a sausage casserole; which actually turned out to be very tasty!


Also I have discovered that as much as students do live up to their reputation as party animals, they also have the unspoken rule that if bake off is on it must be watched. I was practically kicked out of my house for uttering the words ‘I’m not a big fan of bake off’. I soon learned and by the following week I was sat along with the rest of my house munching on homemade carrot cake and criticising baking techniques like I knew what a mokatine even was.


My boyfriend visited last weekend and although we didn’t really do much, we did go to this amazing Gelato place. Despite the dodgy outer appearance of the place, it’s actually really nice inside and the hot cookie dough I had was bliss!




Looking back over this post I realise it seems to have a major food theme… oops!

At some point I’ll take some decent photos of my room to show you, because it does look pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

Back to University

I am officially in the last week of my 3 month summer holiday, it’s really flown by (cliche, I know).

When I go back to university on Sunday I will be moving into a house, as opposed to the university halls I was living in last year, which means a whole new room to decorate, eeek! When I say decorate, of course it is a rented house with all the furniture included so there isn’t anything major I can do, but giving my room that personal touch will make being away from home again that little bit easier.

Back to uni 3

Back to uni 2

To start with I did actually buy some useful things for this academic year. The free pens I collected from all the freshers fairs last year will probably last me a lifetime, so they weren’t on my list this time. I did grab a couple of folders from Tesco to store all my lecture notes in, I thought this would be a better idea than notebooks because it allows me to redo any notes to make them neater and prettier (which of course is always the aim!).

I also got this academic diary/planner from Amazon, which I found last year I couldn’t live without. Without one I would never have met all my deadlines without having some sort of breakdown!

Back to uni 8

Mini cacti are something I have been looking for for a while now and I finally came across some in my (first ever) trip to IKEA the other day. They were £4.50 for 3 which I thought was a bargain and will be really cute dotted around my room!

Back to uni 1

Also from IKEA is this cute little toothbrush pot which I will be using to store my pens.

Back to uni 5

As I wasn’t allowed them in my accommodation last year, I’ve gone a bit candle crazy for my new room.

  • Passion fruit and melon flavour from Tesco
  • ‘Queen of Fragrance’ from Dunelm
  • Red berry and jasmine flavour from Primark
  • Spa (I think?) flavour from IKEA
  • Berry flavour from IKEA

I may do some sort of candle review when I have actually tried them.

Back to uni 6

For in the kitchen I bought two large clip top jars to store my coffee and sugar in (seriously a university essential). I’m planning on sticking some labels on these to make them even cuter!

Back to uni 4

This year my bedroom is in the basement of our house, this has made me slightly concerned about the lighting of the room. I am taking two of these plain black desk lamps from home with me to hopefully help solve this. I’ve also bought 10 metres of fairy lights from Amazon which I am going to hang up around my room.

Back to uni 7

I am so excited to decorate my room and make it my own, I’m hoping that this excitement helps to take my mind off any homesickness I might feel when moving back to uni.

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress of my new room and hopefully have some pretty pictures to show you soon.

To anyone starting uni or going back in the next couple of weeks, what are your plans to personalise your room?

These are a Few of my Favourite Things

  • My family, boyfriend, friends and dogs
  • Photos and photo albums, my room was covered in them last year at uni
  • Fairy lights
  • Bunting
  • Candles
  • Chocolate
  • Reading, both books and blogs
  • Stationary, especially new pretty stationary; and it’s the best motivator
  • Blogging
  • Black clothing; I seem to be a little obsessed lately
  • Feeling organised
  • Coffee
  • Lipstick
  • Hugs; not the half-hearted greeting hugs, the proper love-filled squeezy hugs


Are any of your favourite things similar to mine?