Hello blogging world!

So I’ve never blogged before now, as you’ll probably be able to tell, so I don’t really know what I’ll be writing about, but it just seems like a way to get my opinions out on things. I’ve thought about getting a blog for quite a while know, but I’ve never really dared to because I thought I’d just embarrass myself, let’s be honest I probably will, but after one of our teachers talked to us about his blog I just thought I’d might as well; it seems like a more productive alternative to revision than Facebook is anyway.

I’m not really sure what you’re supposed to write for a first blog, or any blog for that matter, so I’ll put a bit about myself. I’m still at school, doing my GCSEs and about to move up to A levels (Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Sociology if you’re wondering), I’m quite a big geek and enjoy learning, I’m a bit shy despite doing drama and enjoying to act, I play the guitar (not particularly well, but I love it), I’m hopeless at making decisions and I’m quite a perfectionist and obsess over ridiculous things.

The thing is; I don’t really expect people to read my blog, I know some bloggers become famous and even get jobs out of these sort of things but there’s so many blogs out there that it’s a pretty slim chance that anyone will actually read this. So I think that I’ve rambled on for long enough now and sufficiently bored anyone who bothered to read, maybe I’ll blog again soon, maybe I’ll forget this even exists… who knows!


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