I guess that writing a blog has not been as easy as I had expected, due to my whole lack of creativity and basically being too scared to post anything; hence the 9 month break! So after watching Alex Day’s YouTube video ‘Lifescouts’ I have decided that this would be the perfect project to help me start my blog up.

For those who aren’t familiar with this project, probably the majority of people, it is a badge system for all ages, where you can achieve badges for a variety of activities you have done, you can claim the badges and ‘reblog’ them on Tumblr, blog about them or even buy them online. I thought that I would do this here; if I saw a badge that I had achieved I would write the story behind that badge. Hopefully this will be interesting and give me some ideas of topics to blog about, just whilst I find my feet at least!

I am quite looking forward to this project and I hope that other people will enjoy reading and may even join in themselves.


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