Lifescouts: Guitar Badge

Lifescouts: Guitar Badge

This is the Lifescouts badge that jumped out at me first; the guitar badge. It seems like a pretty common one for someone to have, but I will start with this one anyway.

I started playing the guitar about 4 years ago, when I was 12 or 13. Now 12 year old me never really had any interest in anything outside of school, all of my other friends did exciting extra-curricular activities (one was a regional running champion, one a competition winning singer who was part of a theatre company and one an Irish dancing champion) but for me all that mattered was my family and the police shows we would watch together. My lovely form tutor at the time noticed this and declared that she wanted to take up ‘guitar club’ and needed me to come along for moral support, I was completely unenthusiastic considering that guitar club was not a place you wanted to be seen and taking an interest in musical instruments was definitely ‘uncool’. However me being a timid teachers pet, I couldn’t bear to say no and decided that if I was going through this then so were my friends. We all traipsed along for a few weeks until suspiciously my form tutor decided that it wasn’t for her and disappeared from our weekly meetings, after going for a while I realised that actually I really enjoyed being able to play a ‘real’ musical instrument (recorder didn’t really count) and managed to ‘borrow’ my Grandma’s old guitar that she used to play, before starting my official lessons.

4 years later and I’m pretty grateful of my old form tutor, I really do love playing the guitar and I’ve passed my Grade 2 classical guitar exam with a merit last summer and I’m working towards my Grade 4 this summer. Despite never listening to classical music in my life, the pieces I’m learning now are beautiful and because of the technical difficulty I get a real sense of achievement from perfecting them. The only downside is that today my guitar teacher broke it to me that it would be a good time to get my guitar nails sorted; left hand super short and right hand nice and long… I’m going to look so good!;) In all seriousness though, learning to play the guitar was a great choice and something that I hope I will enjoy doing for the rest of my life!


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