Fears of the buzzing kind

It’s official, I have run out of Lifescout badges that I have done, so whilst I wait for some more to come up I have scoured the internet for blog ideas from ‘blog everyday’ challenges. Today’s topic was going to be fear, but then I began writing this and it got way too long, so instead it seems to be just about my fear of wasps.

Now I’m quite a scared person and I get frightened by a lot of things, some probably irrationally, but this I think has some reasoning behind it. I am petrified of wasps! Well it started off with just wasps, then progressed onto bees too and now it is just a fear of any insect that can fly. I mean being scared of wasps and bees is quite understandable considering they can sting you, but flies really, am I that pathetic? If you met me in summer I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought I had a nervous twitch, because as soon as that familiar buzzing noise is anywhere near me, I flinch! I think the main thing that scares me about them is the thought of them getting tangled in my hair or somehow find their way in my ear; even typing this makes me want to vomit!

What I don’t understand though is that I don’t really think that being stung hurts; I have been stung twice, both actually near the beach (maybe that’s a hint). The first time I was stung, I was probably about 11 and just innocently walking along back from a day at the beach to the car; I was clutching my bucket and spade obviously a little too tightly when I felt this prick on my little finger. I looked down at my hand and staring back at me menacingly was a wasp, after seeing its evil face I threw my bucket and spade on the ground, oblivious to everyone around me and let out an almighty screech! I was stood crying and shaking there for about 10 minutes while my parents and grandparents tried to calm me down and I swear people walking past thought that I had just been slapped!

Another time I was stung was on a different beach, quite a small and quiet beach, when on a camping trip with my family. We were sunbathing when we decided it would be a good idea for me and my mum to go and get some drinks, we wandered off and came back with a milkshakes for me and my brother and tea and coffee for my parents. As we walked back onto the beach I heard the buzzing of a lurking wasp stalking me, probably after the milkshake and tea I was carrying, my reaction, of course, was to run round my brother and dad, screaming as loud as I could, whilst the whole beach watched me. My mum then thought it would be a good idea to take the drinks off me, I passed them to her a little too violently and managed to spill scalding hot tea down her! So she was shouting, I was crying and as I brought my arm back down from carrying the tea I trapped the wasp under my armpit, it stung me and I screamed some more. The most embarrassing part was probably afterwards when we were approached by a concerned mum to see if I was ok and my mum had to convince her that I wasn’t a lunatic and that her children were safe really.

My final experience with a wasp was arguably my most traumatic; I was in the bottom of our garden with my brother, I think I was quite young, maybe about 11 or 12, and all of a sudden I felt something tickling my ankle, looking down there was a drowsy wasp stumbling up my leg! I let out a blood-curdling scream and my dad came rushing out of the house as the wasp disappeared up my 3/4 shorts, as you can imagine I was terrified! My dad, being the superhero he is, managed to coax it out from on my knee, but that was a pretty scary moment!

So I suppose it’s not surprising that I am petrified of wasps, I do have my reasons, not so many for flies and bees though. I’m sure summer will be fun, if you do happen to see anyone with a suspicious nervous twitch or who happens to be running round a beach screaming, you never know, it could just be me!


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