Celebrity Crushes

I have several celebrity crushes and I think they’re all pretty obvious choices, but who doesn’t want to look at some gorgeous pictures to brighten up their day?

First up are the girls, now I am straight but you have to appreciate the beauty of these two ladies and lets be honest I would happily turn for either of them! The first one is Julia Roberts, she is just so beautiful,  her curly hair is amazing and her smile is perfect. ‘Pretty Woman’ and ‘Notting Hill’ are two of my favourite things!

The other girl is Zooey Deschanel, her eyes are just so big and beautiful, she’s so pretty and ‘New Girl’ is just hilarious!

Now for the boys, when I was younger I used to watch Disney Channel religiously and immediately fell for Sterling Knight from ‘Sonny With a Chance’. Now I don’t think he’s as good looking as I thought he was before, but I thought I’d include him because the crush I used to have on him was huuuuge!

I think that everyone my age went through the Zac Efron stage, I was part of the ‘High School Musical’ generation and was a massive fan of the floppy fringe, dreamy eyes and lets not forget the impressive abs! He definitely deserves a place on the celebrity crush list considering the amount of time I’ve wasted thinking about him!

Next on the list has to be Hugh Grant, especially in ‘Bridget Jones’ and ‘Notting Hill’, although I think part of the crush has to be on his accent and the characters that he plays. Just look at that smile though!

David Tennant’s accent is one of the main reasons he is on the list, it is just irresistible! Scottish accent’s are great anyway but paired with his cheeky smile, it’s a winning combination!

Finally is Tom Daley, do I need to say why? Have you seen his abs? He is just, wow! And best of all I have met him; last year I went to the opening ceremony with about 10 other people from my school, we were guards of honour and were there to welcome all of the teams into the ceremony. It was amazing and I even got a photo with him!


That is the end of my list of celebrity crushes, I hope you appreciated looking through the beautifulness (that’s a word!) because I definitely did!


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