30 Posts Blog Challenge: My Day

30-day-blog-challenge (1)

So I’ve decided to give myself more structure to what to write in my blog for a while, I know that’s not necessarily a good thing but I have ideas to write about but I can never decide which one to choose (that is the extent of my bad decision making skills). Until I get my head around what I really want my blog to be about, I thought this would be a good idea. Although the picture says it’s a 30 day challenge, I probably won’t be blogging everyday, I get distracted way to easily for that! I still might give it a go though.

Anyway, today’s post is about how my day was, today was pretty much like any other Monday. I went to school and had two controlled experiments in biology and chemistry, did some maths and had a double free in which I bought crispy white chocolate from the Co-op. I had a little bit more of a panic as it gets closer to Thursday; the dreaded results day and came home. That is the extent of my productivity.

Since then I have watched an episode of ‘Girls’, an episode of ‘Ugly Betty’ and a film about an undercover bridesmaid. The rest of my evening will probably consist of painting my nails (pink or blue?), reading my book (Time for a Change – Erica James) and watching YouTube videos until I fall asleep. I just don’t know how I keep up with this demanding lifestyle!

Here is me, loving my exciting life of doing precisely nothing!




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