30 Post Blog Challenge – It’s feeding time

It’s a Tuesday today, and in my house Tuesdays mean roast night. Yes, that’s right, we have our Sunday dinner on a Tuesday… mind blown. I’m not actually sure why we live this topsy turvy life, I think it’s probably because on Sundays my mum doesn’t really want to spend her whole day making our tea, she wants to spend time with us instead, so we have it on a Tuesday. Simple enough really.

Personally I love a good roast, and by good I mean one that my mum has made. I love roast potatoes (so much better than mash!) and now my mouth is watering in anticipation.

Today’s roast contains chicken, roast potatoes, parsnips (homegrown ooh!), carrots, peas and brocolli, just in case you were wondering (which you probably weren’t as the photo is pretty clear). So here’s today’s blog challenge; a photo of something I ate today (don’t be too jealous!).



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