30 Post Blog Challenge – Lets Go Shopping!

Today’s post is about my favourite store; I work at a major retail store currently in which I used to do the majority of my shopping, but now because of their policies making it so difficult to actually buy clothes from there it has put me off. In fact since I started working there I seem to have been put off shopping completely, probably because the time I spend in town is no longer enjoyable, I associate it with work. I thought I would be doing more shopping because of my close proximity to all the other shops, but when I finish work I just want to go home and curl up in my pyjamas (which happens every weekend…).

Anyway, I seem to have avoided the question, my favourite store (I sound so American) is probably New Look, it is the shop that I buy most of my ‘nice clothes’ from. It’s the shop that generally I wish was my wardrobe, and I actually do imagine that it is when I’m wandering around it. One of the main reasons that I really like it is the cost of the actual clothes, they’re very reasonable, and if you know me then you’d know that I am very reluctant to spend my money (definitely more of a sensible saver), especially now I’ve started working. The clothes in there are lovely too and there’s something for everyone (unless I’m being my picky self).


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