30 Post Blog Challenge – Best Fwends

I’m going to slightly change today’s post because I’m not too sure whether my best friend would want me to post pictures of her, especially not embarrassing ones (and for my favourite, it would have to be embarrassing) so instead this is the best you’ll get!

Such drawing skills!

Such drawing skills!

I met my best friend in Primary school, where she found me aimlessly wandering the playground, she came up to me and asked me my name, I told her it was Abbie and she said ‘me too’ and we’ve been best friends ever since! Although apparently that wasn’t the first time we’d met, according to my parents she had previously pushed me off a slide at our toddler group! When we were younger we used to argue everyday without fail, about the most meaningless things and it would be miracle if we lasted a week of uninterrupted friendship! Now I literally can’t imagine life without her, we share everything and I know that I can say anything and just be myself around her and not be judged at all. She’s such a lovely, bubbly person, who always has a smile on her face. She’s so clever and talented (you should hear her sing!) and she’s so so friendly! I can’t believe how lucky I am to have found someone who I click so well with and is just so amazing! I don’t know how I’ll cope when we’re at separate universities, it’ll be so strange, we’re never apart, we even got same GCSE results, that is how similar we are!

After growing up being so close to someone, I feel sorry for anyone who missed out on that opportunity, I understand that some people enjoy being on their own, but everybody needs somebody they can turn to or even just to laugh with (or at!), well that’s what I think anyway.



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