30 Post Blog Challenge – 2 Years Ago

If today’s challenge was slightly different then this post could be very embarrassing for me; if it had been a photo of yourself from 5 years ago lets say and I had gone through with it, I think you would be traumatised! When I was about 10 I had lovely long hair (and when I say long, I mean long enough for me to sit on!), but then I turned 11 and got bored, I wanted a change, but not a quite as drastic change as what actually happened. I went to the hairdressers hoping for just longer than shoulder length, and came out with just above. That doesn’t sound too bad you might be thinking, but my hair is very thick and frizzy and when all the weight came off it sprung up into a triangle shape. Yes, that’s right, I had actual triangle hair! It was awful and I didn’t like my hair again until about 3 years later when I let it go curly.

Anyway, today’s challenge wasn’t a picture of yourself 5 years ago (thankfully), so none of you have to go through the horror of seeing my triangle hair. I have spent my time carefully trawling through Facebook photos and ones on my laptop to find the least embarrassing pictures of just me when I was around 14/15 and here is what I have come up with:

090 28092_398322283455_3394496_n

Wow, that second photo is so attractive and yes they are the least embarrassing ones. As you can see I hadn’t quite been introduced to, or really seen the reason behind wearing make up. Apart from that and hair length I don’t really think that my appearance has changed very much. This would probably be a more exciting post if I had ever dared to dye my hair, or gone through a gothic phase, but I didn’t. I always have been the innocent little girl that I am today. I suppose a comparison photo would be a good idea too:


So there you go, not much change there.


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