30 Post Blog Challenge – Pets I’d Love to Keep

Today’s challenge is photos of pets I’d love to keep, I’ve already written a post about pets here, but this one is slightly different. I think that a pet that would be great to have would be a micro pig! I love pigs anyway, when I was little I used to go on holiday to a farm which had a few pigs, whenever I walked past them I used to say that I wanted pig perfume (I was a strange child!). But micro pigs are like pigs, just better! The only issue with them is that they can often grow into full size pigs, not really something you want inside your house!





I mean, how can you resist the cuteness?!

Another pet I would love to have would (if it wasn’t illegal) would be a monkey, they were definitely my favourite animal when I was younger and I love how they are so humanlike. After seeing Ross’ monkey in Friends, it seems even more appealing, I love the way they clamber and swing around like a child, they seem so friendly and fun. Probably not the most practical of pets because I can imagine they’d wreck a house and obviously that’s without considering the small issue of it being illegal. But anyway, they’re just super cute!




The best part about the two ‘pets’ I’ve chosen is that their cuteness has been collaborated in this video (I’m not ashamed to say I know all the words to this song).

Well I hope at least the cute pictures have brightened up your day, they have done mine!


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