30 Post Blog Challenge – Here Comes the Bride

‘Your dream wedding’, now I am only 16 (17 in 11 days!) so weddings don’t really cross my mind that often, and when they do it’s not really like I have to be planning every detail, I’m not the sort of person who has a book devoted to planning their wedding, full of venues, flowers and dresses. Although saying that, I do have Pinterest; and Pinterest and wedding planning do seem to go hand in hand. I know that I want to get married, my parents’ marriage is really good and happy so I definitely have positive impressions, but having only been to two weddings (none of which were very recently) I don’t really know the most about them, I suppose I can share my thoughts so far though.

My dream wedding would probably be a traditional wedding with a big puffy white dress, definitely with some lace on there, deep purple or dark blue bridesmaid dresses and a beautiful church. It would have to be a summer wedding, so the reception could be in a giant marquee, or somewhere with a lot of rustic charm, there would be lace, flowers and tea lights in jars, plenty of exposed wood and a gorgeous wedding cake. The photographs would be the sort of inventive, original ones you see on Pinterest, the hopelessly romantic ones.

Ok, so maybe I have been subconsciously planning my wedding, because that’s a lot of detail for someone who hadn’t really given it a serious thought. But realistically my wedding probably won’t end up like that, most likely because I’m not rich and I would rather spend my money on the marriage than the wedding, but it’s still nice to dream. In the end, what I want from a wedding, is all my family and friends to be there and for me to be stood opposite the man I love.

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