30 Post Blog Challenge – I Went to the Shop and Bought..

I’m actually having trouble thinking of the last thing I bought, let alone take a photo of it! I don’t go shopping very often and even when I do, I generally don’t buy much, if anything at all. I much prefer to save! So the last thing I actually bought was yesterday but I’m not sure whether that counts because it was a Terry’s chocolate orange for my best friend, who then paid me back. The thing I had bought before that was a bar of Dairy Milk to cheer my boyfriend up after getting our exam results, also not really able to take a photo of that.

Previously to that I bought a Mcflurry (dairy milk flavour of course!) which was actually for myself, on the way home from work, considering I ate that this, it’s going to be pretty hard to take a photo of it. My favourite part about McDonald’s has to be the Mcflurries, despite probably being made from chicken bones.


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