30 Post Blog Challenge – Favourite Places to Eat

A photo of my favourite place to eat. I love to eat out, so it might not come as a surprise that I have more than one favourite place to eat out. I think my favourite restaurant of them all has to be Prezzo, I just LOVE Italian food and that definitely does the best around here.

But I can’t do a post about foody places and not mention something for both Indian and Chinese! The best Chinese restaurant I have ever been to is one that is just round the corner from my old house, it’s a family business that my parents have been going to for at least 20 years! My mum went there for her hen night and that was yonks ago! This means that whenever we go to collect our takeaway we get recognised and I get told ‘how much I’ve grown’ (which must be a lie because I’m so short), this could be quite a good thing; it has resulted in free prawn crackers once or twice but also it is quite embarrassing when just me and my mum go in to collect enough Chinese food to feed the entire population of China. It’s such amazing food there, it’s making my mouth water just thinking about it!


The best Indian I’ve been to is also pretty close by, how convenient, it’s so rich and not low fat like some of the places you go to. They do the best chicken tikka masala and their peshwari naan is to die for!




I’m not actually obese despite what this post may make you think, I just like my food!




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