30 Post Blog Challenge – My Make-Up Bag

Today’s challenge is to show you what is in my make-up bag (I don’t know why they’re challenges, they’re not very challenging). I don’t actually have a make-up bag as such; more a make-up drawer..



You might think that I’m a little make-up mad, but actually I’ve probably only bought about 5 things in that drawer. So many older people I know spend money on make-up and get the free make-up with it, but quite obviously don’t like trying out new make-up so just give it to me, I’m not complaining.

Anyway, I don’t actually wear that much make-up, that’s the reason I still have all of that in my drawer. This is generally the make-up that I wear on a day to day basis.



There’s a bit of a difference in the quality range of my make-up and that will probably be the clue of which make-up I’ve actually bought and which of it has been given to me. So I wear Natural Collection concealer, Natural Collection powder, Natural Collection blusher (all bought by me), Dior eyeliner, No 7 mascara, No 7 eyeshadow (gifts from other people in case you couldn’t guess) and some Avon red lipstick. It’s all good, even the pretty cheap stuff, my make-up routine is very quick and easy, I could never be bothered to spend ages putting make-up on, I’d much rather have an extra 15 minutes in bed! So that’s what’s in my make-up bag/drawer… how exciting!


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