30 Post Blog Challenge – Musicians I Love

For a long time I couldn’t have told you who my favourite musician was, I had too many and my mind was always flitting from artist to artist. I think now I’ve managed to narrow it down to two (although I can’t guarantee they will stay the same for longer than a month) Mumford and Sons and Lauren Aquilina. I am assuming that you will have probably heard of Mumford and Sons, everybody has, but Lauren Aquilina definitely does not have the attention that her beautiful voice deserves.

Firstly Mumford and Sons, I love their use of guitars, banjos and mandolins; usually the instrumental bit of the song is the worst part for me, but in their music I enjoy the instrumental just as much as the rest of the song. The voice of Marcus Mumford is amazing, his tone just makes me melt, it sounds as though he is really passionate about the songs that he is singing. I think that they are wonderful and they’re new album is even better than their first! My favourite song of theirs at the moment has to be this:

Lauren Aquilina is only 17 but her voice has the power, emotion and beauty of someone who has been singing for a lifetime. She is not very well known which is a real shame, and from her ever-updating twitter feed she seems like such a lovely person/sass queen. I really admire her for not only following her musical dreams, but also staying on at school to finish her A-levels, her new single is amazing and for Comic Relief, which is a great thing to do for such a small time musician!

So they’re my top two favourite musicians and hopefully you can see why!


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