30 Post Blog Challenge – TV Addictions

I am definitely addicted to my TV. 100%, no doubt about it. I spend an awful lot of time (too much) watching TV, ranging from absolute rubbish me and my mum find when we’re bored, to police and crime shows, to foody programmes with morbidly obese people. I am currently writing this whilst watching TV, as I usually do with my blog posts. But my ultimate TV addiction currently has to be Big Bang Theory, I started watching it sometime last year and my boyfriend got the boxset for me for Christmas. It’s so so good, and my aim is to actually understand what they’re actually talking about someday! I find it absolutely hilarious and it’s one of the only shows that I actually laugh out loud at (that and Friends). Unfortunately I haven’t been watching it that much recently, I haven’t had the chance; too many exams and work and boring stuff like that.

Big Bang Theory

Writing this post really makes me want to start watching it again, so if you don’t hear from me for a while, you’ll realise why! If you’ve never seen it before then I’d really recommend watching it, I love it.


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