30 Post Blog Challenge – Lost Without You

Today’s response to the ‘challenge’ is probably going to be quite an obvious one because today it is ‘something I don’t leave the house without’. All day I have been trying to think of something interesting that I always have with me, but unfortunately I haven’t really come up with much. I don’t ever leave the house without:

My phone (surprise surprise!), which I have written about somewhere here (I think anyway).  In short, it just has so much on it that’s led to me depending on it for the obvious contacting people to using it as a camera and calendar and so on.

My headphones; this never used to be a big thing for me, especially because usually when I’m going out I tend to be with someone so it would be a bit rude just to block them out, but ever since starting work they are there to egg me on up the daunting hill I have to climb to get home.

Tissues, hand cream and lip balm; how exciting! It’s pretty obvious why I always carry them around. I’m definitely the sort of person who likes to be prepared, if it isn’t for me then for the people around me.

This is pretty much my bag

My purse has recently been added to that list of things, I say recently because before then I obviously didn’t realise that money might be the sort of thing you could need.. Although this does mean that during free periods at school I have been doing a lot of chocolate dashes to the Co-op, which probably isn’t such a good thing.

I told you it was going to be an obvious post; hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more exciting.


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