30 Post Blog Challenge – We Are Family

Again, I don’t really want to put a photo of my family on here without asking them and considering nobody actually knows about this blog, I can’t really ask them. This means that for a photo of my family, you’ll will have to make do with another of my (amazing) stick figure drawings.


So in this picture (if you can even call it that!) you can see me with the mad ginger curly hair, my mum with the blonde bob, my dad with the brown short cut and my brother with also mental ginger hair. My mum is lovely, completely lovely, she is my best friend. She’s so organised, friendly and hilarious, me and her together can just burst into fits of laughter about completely nothing and I know that I can talk to her about anything at all. My dad is so much like me, you can really tell we’re father and daughter! He’s quiet, stubborn, a little bit obsessive but so caring. I’m a bit of a ‘Daddy’s Girl’ and he loves that! My brother is a complete nerd, computer nerd, real-life nerd, any other type of nerd you can think of. He is really clever, but spends a lot of time on his computer, shut off from the rest of the world. When me and him are getting along it’s great, we laugh, talk about everything and listen to all sorts of music and YouTube videos.

I love my family. I know, everyone does (loves theirs I mean, not mine), but I am really close to mine. We’re all a little bit weird (ok, a lot) and are actually friends. Now you might find this hard to believe considering that I’m a teenage girl, but I never actually argue with my parents, my brother a little bit now and then, but never with my parents. We get on really well, with pretty much the same attitudes towards the things that usually parents and children disagree on. I have to stop myself sometimes and realise how lucky I really am and that I shouldn’t take them for granted.

This is the reason that I get terribly homesick; on occasion if I’m in a particularly soppy mood then I’ll even not want to go to sleep at a friend’s house because of it! I go away every year to a Christian festival with my best friend and her family (who basically are my second family) for 5 days camping and literally get tearful the night before! I absolutely awful! Looking forward to uni then..

I’m also really close to my grandparents but I think that this post is long enough!

Also tomorrow there most likely won’t be a blog post (if anyone cares..), because it’s my birthday!! Yes that’s right, I’ll be turning the grand old age of 17 (no driving lessons until Tuesday though). I will be too busy stuffing myself with Indian food until I can only roll home, how exciting!


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