30 Post Blog Challenge – Crushing Celebrities and Happy Birthdays

Today’s topic is celebrity crushes and considering I’ve already written a whole post about this I thought I wouldn’t just repeat myself, so here it is.

So the other day was my birthday and I thought I’d tell about that instead. Usually I get excited about my birthday, I get all the butterflies in my stomach and can’t sleep the night before, this year was different. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m getting older or because all the plans I tried to make seemed to not work out. Anyway, when the day came it turned out to be a good day, I had to go to school and parents evening but after that I went out for an Indian meal with my family and boyfriend, which was lovely. Because it was my 17th birthday I got driving lessons, or money for them for my birthday, but I also got these



I also got a Pandora bead from my best friend which was upstairs when I took this photo, way too far for me to go to get it.

Today my dad took me out driving for the first time, not just that but it was snowing, the snow drifts were massive! That was pretty scary but I really enjoyed it and I’m hopefully going out again before work tomorrow. I only stalled once! So that was my Thursday, and here is a picture of me wearing my napkin as a hat when I was out for a meal. I’m never too old to make a fool of myself.



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