30 Post Blog Challenge – Say Cheese!

Today’s challenge is another photo of me, this is very strange for me because I never take photos of myself. Even when I do occasionally take a photo of myself, which does happen more often now I have my iPhone, I never put it online. I’m definitely not one of those people who upload photos to Facebook every ten seconds, especially not in their shortest of shorts and lowest cut tops, so having to upload photos to here seems very strange. But then I suppose it is a bit different because none of you really know what I look like, whereas on Facebook, I know everybody already so it seems just a bit attention seeking. So here I am…



I also thought you might want to see my nails, I’ve been so excited to use some of my new nail varnish from my birthday and today was the day I decided to. It’s Rimmel ‘Sea Green’ with some Barry M sparkly blue glitter stuff over the top. Really appropriate considering I’m going to a nature reserve tomorrow with school to be scrabbling around in the mud counting sticks.. this is how exciting my life is.



Tomorrow is my Gran’s birthday so today I made her a birthday card; it’s kind of a tradition I’ve had that I make I card and I feel I can’t break that now! Now don’t judge me because I’m not very good at drawing, but I was pretty proud of how this turned out (for me anyway)

card flowers


And that’s about it from me.


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