30 Post Blog Challenge – Just Abbie

Today’s 30 Post Blog Challenge is to explain the meaning behind my blog name. I can’t actually remember which I created first, my Twitter or this blog, I think it was probably my Twitter, so the name ‘Just Abbie’ originally came from there. I’m not really sure why I called it that, I think it was because it was just me, only little old Abbie, nobody special. But the thing about my Twitter is, that nobody I know, actually follows me, I have another Twitter account for that. This may seem very strange (but so am I), but I get really self conscious about posting anything on Facebook or Twitter that other people that I know may actually see, so self conscious that I never dared to post anything. This is fine with Facebook, because the whole point is that you connect with people you already know, but with Twitter it’s completely different, with Twitter you can be completely anonymous, just following famous and semi-famous (YouTubey people mainly) people. This aspect appealed to me and I wanted some social networking site where I could actually post my thoughts on.

The only flaw in my plan was that my boyfriend happened to know my Hotmail e-mail address and just happened to type it into Twitter and found me, this is fine because I knew he wouldn’t tell anyone about it, but I think he definitely thought it was weird. He made a comment on my name, asking me if it was called Just Abbie because it was only me, and nobody else that I knew, I quite liked that interpretation. Anyway, I used that name here too, I think both mine and my boyfriend’s meanings apply, especially here as even he doesn’t know about this blog. I would be way too embarrassed to post my ramblings if he, or anyone else I knew for that matter, did.

So what you’re reading here, is kind of like my little secret. Considering you’re reading it, that must mean that you’re part of my secret… so shhhh!

On another note, I went to a nature reserve today to see how many different types of plants there were… riveting I know! It was a day planned so that we could be ready to go back and be assessed tomorrow for our A-level course, we were treated like mature adults, this is what I did..



Played on the sand digger made for the children. As you can see it was pretty windy and I had what felt like 50 layers on, I’m so looking forward to going back there tomorrow!


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