30 Post Blog Challenge – It’s All About Me!

I seem to have got out of my blogging routine recently, I think it probably has something to do with being on school holidays, so I’ve had no routine (shock horror!) so my days have been jam packed and all over the place! But I am back (for today) with my 30 Post Blog Challenge of 20 facts about me. I always hate these sort of things, they’re like the dreaded ‘get to know you’ games you have to play when meeting new people in a group, someone always pipes up and thinks ‘hey! Great idea, lets put all these new nervous people on the spot and make them think of something to tell everyone about themselves that won’t reveal how boring they really are!’ At least with these you can’t actually see me or how long it is taking me to come up with these ‘interesting’ facts. (Disclaimer: you probably won’t find any of these interesting, I don’t either). So here we go:

1) I am ginger. Now when I say that I’m ginger, I don’t actually mean the luminously bright orange ginger, I seem to be more of a goldy gingery colour, or something. Sometimes when I say that I’m ginger, people tell me off and say that I’m strawberry blonde, but everybody know someone who calls themselves strawberry blonde is just a ginger in denial. Surprisingly I haven’t really been bullied about being ginger, I’m not sure why that is, but I suppose that makes me one of the lucky ones!

2) I am short. I’m not a dwarf or anything, but I’m still short nonetheless. I am around 5 foot 1, which is pretty tiny, especially when one of my close friends is about 6 foot 3 which makes me seem even smaller! Sometimes I really hate being short because it makes me seem stumpy and clothes never fit me properly, but it could be worse and I don’t mind people joking about my height because I’m in on the joke too, people are laughing with me not at me (at least I hope so).

This is how much I have to fold my jeans up, and they're 'short' ones!

This is how much I have to fold my jeans up, and they’re ‘short’ ones!

3) I love maths. I’m currently studying it at A-level and it’s definitely my favourite out of the four subjects I picked. Sssh, don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I even enjoy doing my maths homework! Despite this, I don’t think I’m going to study it at university because of the limited careers afterwards, I don’t particularly want to be an accountant or a teacher.

4) I’ve never broken a bone. Or sprained or pulled anything either, in fact, touch wood, I haven’t ever actually been to a hospital since I was born! Although when I was younger I always used to want to break my leg so that I could get crutches, I realise that’s probably not a good deal now.

5) I watch too much TV. I watch it all the time, all evening, from about 4 until 9:30! That is so much of my life effectively wasted. It’s because my parents (usually my mum) will pick something new out, I will watch the first episode and then be hooked for the next 20. It’s a never-ending cycle. I watch all sorts, from police shows, to fat programs, from Glee, to the Following (if you’re not watching that then you should be).

6) I tend to start things and then forget about them, or drift to something else. For example collaging, watching my Big Bang Theory boxset, reading a book, drawing and playing video games. This also happened to this blog when I first created it, so I’m determined for it not to happen again. The only thing that I’ve managed to not do that with is playing the guitar.

7) I love making lists. I make lists about anything and everything; things I’m worried about, jobs to do, shopping lists, things to do in holidays and all sorts of others. It helps me to get my head together and feel organised, although that does mean that I spend a significant amount of time writing what I need to do rather than actually doing it.

8) I am learning to drive. If you read my blog, I have mentioned this a few times but now the learning has actually started. Today I had my third actual lesson where I was doing junctions, and last Thursday I actually drove to Skegness and back (and went 60mph!). Obviously most people don’t know where Skegness is, but its about an hour and a half away and involved a couple of roundabouts and traffic lights but mainly just one long windy road, very exciting and scary.

9) I can touch my nose with my tongue. The skills I possess ladies and gentlemen. (I’d put a picture on, but it’s not an attractive sight)

10) I used to have braces. When I was about 10 I got removable braces, these aren’t the normal kind, these are ones with two giant metal prongs that go down onto your tongue (what for?), they were hideous and meant I couldn’t talk properly. Luckily I only had them for about a year and a half, but to be honest I don’t even think they did very much.

This was pretty much me..

11) If I was a boy I would’ve been called Daniel. The interesting thing is that if my best friend (who has the same name as me) was also a boy she would’ve been called Daniel too! Talk about coincidences!

12) I’m left handed. But I write with my left hand and do everything else, throwing and cutting etc. with my right hand.

13) When I was younger I competed in Speech and Drama competitions. This basically meant that I had to read out a poem in a very exaggerated, enthusiastic manner. I managed to come first second or third pretty much every time!

14) I have a mark on my right hand where I accidentally stabbed myself with a pencil. I’m not sure how it happened, but I remember being in the playground of my junior school with my friends, drawing.

15) I have Raynaud’s on my feet. It’s a condition that is something to do with your blood circulation being cut off or bad, and it basically means that I get chill blains in the winter and then bluey, greyish toes if I don’t move them all the time. This is really attractive for wearing sandals as you can imagine, sandals and corpse toes go really well together.

16) The first film I cried at was Bolt. This was when I was about 13, since then, I cry at lots of films and TV programs.

17) I don’t like Coca Cola. I used to completely hate it, but now I’ve had to drink it a few times, when it’s been the only option, I can just about bear it.

18) The first proper book I read by myself was Harry the Poisonous Centipede when I was 6.

19) I hate speaking to people on the phone. I always feel very awkward and don’t know what to say, I’d much prefer to speak to someone in person, it’s easier to get your point across.

20) I have always wanted to fly. When I was a child I ran around a playground pretending to be Peter Pan and fell over and grazed my face and arms and knees. If I had any superpower that would definitely be my choice.

And there are my 20 facts!


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