30 Post Blog Challenge – My Handbag

When I saw the challenge for today ‘What’s in your purse?’ I immediately thought that it meant a wallet type purse. I then read another blog post similar to this one where it was someone’s handbag and realised that that was what this meant… oops.

I have several handbags but I use one for school and work, so that one gets out the most and has gathered the most rubbish, although it does usually have more stuff in it; I cleared it out at the beginning of the holidays.

Here's the bag

Here’s the bag


In the front pocket I have an assortment of pens and pencils, I don’t feel the need to carry these everywhere, it’s mainly for school, I don’t usually have a calculator emergency at work. So here I have a calculator, a variety of felt tips in various working conditions, biros, pencils, a highlighter, a memory stick, some old post-it notes and a random elastic band.

make up

The next pocket is my just in case, and make-up type pocket, I like to be prepared ok! There is hand cream, two different lip balms (a passion fruit body shop one and a toffee apple one, which is the best tasting one ever!), headache tablets, a hair bobble, nail files, a mini eyeliner, a mirror, some tissues and a wildlife badge I got when I went to a nature reserve place the other week.

bag stuff

This is all from the main compartment of my handbag which usually contains a lot more than this; like school books, a planner, a water bottle, a lot more food and my keys (which I’m not actually sure where they are..). Today it just has an umbrella, gloves (yes, in April! Welcome to England), my inhaler, an extremely crushed cereal bar, more tissues, aftershave tester cards from when I went shopping, a ruler and my purse.

purse purse inside

Since I thought that this post was actually about my purse, I though I would show you that too, especially because it’s all nice, new and pretty! Obviously I have some money in there but that’s boring so I thought I’d show the rest of the things that have collected.



This is definitely not a lot of cards for someone to have in their purse, I used to have more giftcards until I realised that they had actually either got no money on or had expired. The ones I currently have are my provisional license, bank card, boots advantage card, an empty Starbucks card I picked up in London, a New Look giftcard, a WH Smith giftcard with approximately 20p on, an organ donor card and a limited edition Legend of Zelda HMV giftcard with a penny on (which I kept because it looks cool!).



In some of the other sections I found all these tickets and receipts; I have train tickets, bus tickets and receipts from mine and my boyfriend’s trip to Sheffield the other day. I also have bus tickets from trips to my boyfriends house (I like keeping stuff like that in case you couldn’t guess), I also have a few of the McDonald’s monopoly stickers, including one for a free apple pie!

And that’s my handbag.



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