30 Post Blog Challenge – Missing You

Today I’m writing about something I miss, I suppose it’s going to be a bit predictable and ‘Mean Girls’ esque mainly because I don’t really miss anyone or have any deep or meaningful story to tell you.

I miss being younger. I miss having no exams or pressure in school. I miss thoroughly enjoying school. I miss having no life decisions to make. I miss not worrying about moving out and missing home. I miss playing imaginary games with my brother all day. I miss being outside. I miss not working on the weekends.

Although I do miss these things now, I didn’t appreciate those things when I was little. I was always very stressy and worried about everything, I still do, but now I feel that it’s more justified. I never seemed to be truly happy despite nothing being actually wrong (well at least when I got to about 11 ish), whereas now, even though there are all these things that I miss, I still feel happier now. I feel a lot more confident in myself and how I look and I will actually talk to people, so I’m a little bit less socially awkward, which is always good.

So I do miss all those things, but I suppose it just teaches you that you have to appreciate what you have now because you never know what you’ll miss in the future.

Wow it got all philosophical at the end there, I don’t know what happened!


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