30 Post Blog Challenge – Must be the Music

Today’s ‘challenge’ is a pretty easy one, which is good because I’ve been doing work all evening and don’t think I can write anything constructive any more (not that I could in the first place). So the first 10 songs that come on my iPod when I hit shuffle, how hard can that be?

1) Halo/Walking on Sunshine – Glee (wow this is getting off to a good start..)

2) Trying Not to Love You – Nickelback

3) Burn it to the Ground – Nickelback

4) Sound of the Underground – Girls Aloud

5) Shampain – Marina and the Diamonds (love her!)

6) Little Lion Man – Mumford and Sons (favourite band ever!)

7) The Big Sleep – Bat For Lashes

8) But For Now – Jamie Cullum (there had to be some of him on there, I went through a phase of being totally and completely utterly in love with him!)

9) Crocodile Rock – Elton John (you’ve got to love a bit of Elton John!)

10) Playing God – Paramore

That shuffle actually seemed to be pretty representative of my music collection, although it didn’t have any Snow Patrol, Coldplay or the Feeling on there. So there you go.


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