30 Post Blog Challenge – Never Tired Of

So unusually there is actually a ‘challenge’ that I’m finding very difficult to come up with a blog post about. ‘Something you could never get tired of doing.’ I don’t know whether I’m just thinking too much into this, but I feel like anything I do I will eventually get tired of. Whether this means that I haven’t found anything that I’m passionate enough about, or whether that’s the case for everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things that I really enjoy, some of which I wrote about here. But if you do something a lot, for a long period of time then surely at some point you’ll get bored of it, even if you then pick it back up again later. Maybe I’m missing the point of this prompt/challenge thing, but I’m finding it hard anyway. The only thing I could think of was spending time with my family, friends and best friend, but that’s a pretty obvious and boring one, even if it is true.

Finding the challenge so challenging, has put me off from writing a post for a bit so I thought at least if I wrote a rambly one I could move on to the next (and last) challenge. (I couldn’t just skip one, that would just be wrong!). So here’s my rambly, lame excuse for a post. Ta dah!


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