But Why?

Daily Prompt: Why do you blog?

That is a very good question. I blog to find out more about myself, to tell people my opinions and do something more productive with my time rather than just watching TV all my life (although that is what I’m doing right now). I blog because I enjoy it, which I find very strange because I didn’t really enjoy English when I did it, but nevertheless.

Obviously, people reading your blog is what any blogger wants, and I get a little thrill any time anyone clicks the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button. But when I started no one read my blog for about a year (I think I only wrote two posts in that time, but nevermind) and that still didn’t matter.

This blog is a bit like a diary and I’m hoping that as I grow up (if I ever do!), I will be able to develop my opinions on here and it can also be some sort of outlet for feelings and such stuff. I also love reading other people’s blogs and when I do that it inspires me to do it myself and I think well why shouldn’t I?

That’s pretty much it; this was slightly rambly, but then my reasons for blogging are also a bit rambly. Which is why this blog and it’s posts are very random, because my reasons, topics and goals aren’t set or defined, I just write whatever nonsense is going on in my head at the time; which I’m sure is joyful to read.


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