Competitive Streak

Daily Prompt: What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

I would definitely say that I am a competitive person. Usually I am the worst with my family and the people who I am very close to, and it tends to be with insignificant video games, they’re the worst. Mario Kart is especially bad; me and my boyfriend have played it many times together and, every time I lose. Every time I lose, I can’t help but feel mardy and angry.

Pretty much anything on the wii brings out my competitive streak, if you lose it’s so easy to blame it on the sensor not picking up your movements and it makes me angry that I can be so useless at such a simple game. In fact, just today my competitive streak emerged at school, in my Chemistry lesson I was completely stuck on a question, I refused to ask anyone for help (why am I so stubborn?) and was determined that it mattered so much that it was worth being mardy towards everyone for the rest of the day. It’s as if I enjoy making myself miserable!

Although, when I was younger, me and my two friends always used to play Buzz (the quiz game), they were always the competitive ones and fell out so so many times over this ridiculous game. I would be the one who had to lighten the mood, purposefully trying to get the answers wrong to distract their attention from the argument.

Competitiveness doesn’t always have to be a bad thing though, I think that a little bit of it can help you do better. During exam time, me and my friends seem to be quite competitive with the amount of revision we do, not so much with the results though which saves anyone feeling bad about themselves. But competitive revising can only help us get better.


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