Personalise That Room!

Daily Prompt: What do you display on the walls of your home — photos, posters, artwork, nothing? How do you choose what to display? What mood are you trying to create?

Considering the home I live in isn’t actually my own, you know being only 17 and all, I will tell you about the walls of my room instead. One of the four walls of my bedroom is built in wardrobes, they are a very dark and not very attractive brown. I don’t particularly like brown so I made it my mission about 4 years ago to cover them up, that didn’t go so well; as four years later only about 1/3 has been disguised.

I like to think of myself as quite arty; in reality I have about as much creativity as a not very creative person (I don’t know, I told you I’m not creative). Despite this I have managed to blu-tack different magazine cuttings onto the wardrobes so they look a bit more interesting.



Around the other 3 walls of my room, I have various paintings dotted around that I did with my grandma about 7ish years ago. Some of which I am pretty impressed with, although they could’ve well been more my grandma’s handiwork than mine. I also have the collage that I made at school that got me interested in collages in the first place, up on one wall.





Apologies for the awful photo!

Apologies for the awful photo!

This is what my best friend gave me when we were in Liverpool on a school trip one time, which I thought was lovely and hoped that it didn’t mean that I was really going to get non-emergency midnight calls regularly (for the record, I haven’t even had one!).


I enjoy cramming my walls with random things, especially photographs and things that have important memories attached to them, I think it makes a room so much more personal and homely. I know that when I get to university that will be one of the first things I do, to make myself feel more at home and hopefully less homesick. I can understand that when you get older, none of the ‘decorations’ around my room are particularly tasteful or stylish, but for a room that maybe isn’t always seen by guests I think it’s lovely to have personal touches on display, even if it is just for you.


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