It’s All Stress From Here

Why would I do this to myself? Why would I choose a university course that requires all the extra work, early deadlines and best grades? What is wrong with me?

If you don’t know which course I am talking (well writing technically) about, I will tell you; it’s medicine. The course where you have to have impeccable work experience, regular volunteering, better than perfect grades, evidence of hundreds of different qualities, an interview and worst of all; sit an entrance exam, the dreaded UKCAT. Now this entrance exam isn’t like your regular exam, it is horrific. You have 5 sections; verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, decision analysis and situational judgement. The first two would be ok if you didn’t have to complete each question in about a millisecond. The situational judgement is basically asking you to read someone’s mind by having perfectly tuned common sense. The decision analysis, I have to admit, I quite enjoy because you have to crack some codes, which after you’ve spent so long answering other impossible questions is a bit of a break.

But the most horrifically appalling section has to be the abstract reasoning. This is where you get given two sets of six boxes filled with shapes with seemingly no connection, you then have to make the connection between the six boxes and work out which set a new group of shapes would go. This is the horrible and I just end up staring blankly at shapes until I either go insane or the time runs out.

Here is an example of the abstract reasoning. If anyone happens to spot the pattern please let me know!

I have booked my UKCAT for 24th September so there is no avoiding it, I have to just stare at those shapes, or numbers, or text passages until something clicks, however long that takes.

Along with this application for university I have also gone back to sixth form, meaning all the teachers have thought it a great idea to send us off with lots of homework to fill our time, as if we don’t have lives of our own or futures to sort out. So that is where I have been for the past however long I haven’t blogged for, just getting more and more stressed by the day.

How lovely.


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