Normal? What is it?

Daily Prompt: Is being “normal” — whatever that means to you — a good thing, or a bad thing? Neither?

I would never class myself as being normal, and I know that my family and close friends definitely wouldn’t, I pull way too many stupid faces and make ridiculous noises at unnecessary moments for that. But then again I don’t think that I know anyone who would class themselves as normal. From afar many people seem normal; boring with nothing extraordinary about them, but they would do, isn’t that the socially acceptable image to present to everyone you don’t really know? If someone were to skip around shouting how they really feel, singing and dancing as they go, would you go near them?

What does normal even mean though? Doesn’t it mean the usual, how everyone else acts? But then, I always think, if we all class ourselves as abnormal then surely it’s normal to be not normal, therefore making us all normal. Mind boggling stuff.

But anyway, to answer the daily prompt, I think that it’s good to not be normal, otherwise surely everyone would just be the same, nothing unique about them. No one would have those quirky traits that make them themselves and how boring would that be. Because, who wants to live in a world full of robots?

Not me.


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