Student Life

It’s been so long, so incredibly long that I barely remember being the person who wrote my last post. Since then I have completely changed; mindset and lifestyle. I am now officially a medical student, the dream has come true. I have been at university for 6 weeks now and I am unexpectedly enjoying myself.

I have met more new people in the last 6 weeks than, what feels like, my whole life! I am still in shock that I have managed to make new friends; ones that don’t even think I am an awkward shy person (I don’t know how I’ve managed to do that!). It’s so weird to think that people who I now live and share the majority of my time with, I didn’t even know 6 weeks ago.

I can totally understand when people say that you change and develop the most when you are at university because I already feel like I am a different person to the one that waved goodbye to my parents, tears streaming down my face (which wasn’t really the first impression I had been aiming to give my flatmates). Independence is a pretty obvious thing that changes, but I am surprised at how quickly I am learning to fend for myself, especially the cooking aspect, although I am still pretty hopeless. I even planned my week’s meals today, ok it was in the library when I should’ve been doing work, but nevertheless.

I feel like I am already learning to adapt to change fairly well; usually I love my routine, I hate the feeling of not having a plan or being in control, but since I have started uni I haven’t been that stressed about it. I’m just getting on with things and finally being able to put a little bit of ‘don’t worry because it won’t change anything’ into practice (it’s about time!).

The whole experience of being a student isn’t half as scary as I thought it would be, it really helps that everyone is as hopeless as each other and you learn things together. An especially surprising aspect for me has been the lack of homesickness; now I’m not saying that I don’t get homesick or miss my family, because I really really do, it’s just that it’s not the crippling, crying all day, unbearable homesickness that I imagined. It’s a sort of homesickness that is kind of in the back of my mind if I think too much about it; and the best cure for that is obviously not to think, and when you do, then have a lot of ice cream (own brand of course, no Ben & Jerry’s now I’m a poor student).

Because this is the beginning of a pretty huge chapter of my life (moving out, starting med school, all pretty big events) I’m hoping that now I’m getting a bit more settled it will give me the chance to start this blog back up. It is something that I enjoy and hopefully some more interesting things will be going on in my life and I will just generally get more inspiration and less writer’s block.

Well that’s the plan..


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