List loving

Whilst looking online at some writing prompts I came across this 30 days of lists on Wedgie’s sketch blog, after looking at the original list I mashed them together and here I have my new challenge. I thought that it suited me particularly well because I love lists, I make them about almost every aspect of my life so why not make some more on here. Anyway, here is the list of lists:

  1. A few things about yourself
  2. Things you are good at
  3. I am looking forward to…
  4. Today’s playlist
  5. Weekend goals
  6. Least favourite words
  7. If I won £100,000,000 in the lottery I would…
  8. In my bag
  9. My favourite things
  10. On my wishlist
  11. Things I collect
  12. Weekly rituals
  13. DIYs I want to try
  14. Things I love about
  15. On my shopping list
  16. Places to see in your town
  17. Words that are hard to spell
  18. Road trip must-haves
  19. Recipes I want to try
  20. Celebrity crushes
  21. Things to do this summer
  22. Today I saw
  23. Guilty pleasures
  24. I make lists for
  25. Things I’d rather be doing right now
  26. Books I’d like to read this year
  27. Lessons learned
  28. Vacations to take
  29. Favorite foods
  30. Today’s to-do list

I most likely won’t be doing one a day considering I’m going on holiday in two weeks and doubt I’ll be organised enough to queue a week’s worth of posts but they will be written eventually.


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