Music and Majorca

Today’s playlist:

  • Wuthering Heights – Kate Bush has been stuck in my head all day every day since I finished the book whilst on holiday, I’m still trying to pinpoint the moment the song is singing about
  • The playlist ‘Songs to Sing in the Shower’ on Spotify is generally my playlist of choice at the moment, this consists of songs like Total Eclipse of the Heart, Oops!…I Did it Again, Hey Ya! and (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life; so basically what it does on the tin
  • And as always I have been listening to my current (although not that new) favourite song Recovery by Frank Turner

A pretty short list today but it does include a list within a list so that makes it better (right?)

For the past week I have been in Majorca (Mallorca?) with my family enjoying days of nothing more than reading on the beach, dipping in the sea and eating tapas… heaven! Now I’m back, slowly getting used to England’s not so impressive weather, although today was warm enough for a walk along the beach with my dogs so there is hope!

Now here come lots of badly taken photos of tapas..

IMG_4228 IMG_4187 IMG_4186 IMG_4185

I literally lived on the beach

I literally lived on the beach

Also on my last post I said about looking forward to trying the new waffle place near me, I did this just before going on holiday and despite my severely hungover state it was delicious! So that’s another thing crossed off my list.

Perfect hangover cure

Perfect hangover cure


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