Every day is a Saturday

Due to my lack of routine and responsibilities over this summer break, everyday tends to feel like the weekend to me at the moment, especially this week because my parents are off work too. This means that this list isn’t really very exciting. I’ve also been tending to plan things very last minute too so who knows what I could be doing in two days time. But anyway here’s the current plan/goals:

  • Have a BBQ
  • Finish my book – although maybe not as achievable as I first thought when planning this list
  • Go on a 23 mile bike ride – the furthest I will have done so far
  • Enjoy the last few days of my parents’ time off work

This week has been filled with coffee dates, a trip to the beach and, at the grand old age of 19, having my very first pint (which was actually surprisingly nice!). The pub is one that I have been to before and it is pretty cute, but I didn’t realise until the other day that everything there comes from the same brewery; even the crisps and the squash! It has also been lovely just to chill at home with my parents, watching rubbish and doing nothing.

Today I have been doing my favourite job… painting the fence. And although that sentence may sound sarcastic, I’m being totally serious; I just find that there’s something really therapeutic about sitting on the grass on a warm day spattering paint everywhere (especially on me, but I’ve just been passing that off as freckles). It also means that I am actually doing something a bit useful with all of this free time I have instead of just watching gossip girl or browsing Pinterest, which of course isn’t a waste of my time at all..


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