Words are weapons too

The first thing I thought of when I saw that the next list was supposed to be my least favourite words was the word moist. Many websites have cited it as the most hated word and whilst I can understand this, it still always makes me think of cake so it didn’t make it onto my list.

Until now I’ve never really thought that there were words that I didn’t like, so this list feels a little forced.

  • Banter
  • Laid/laying/lying/lay/lie – these are just for the fact that I never know which one to use when
  • Colonel – I’m going to be honest here; I didn’t know that this was pronounced ‘kernel’ until a few weeks ago, so it’s here for fooling me
  • Fair isle – I know this isn’t one word, but one Christmas when working in a retail store an abbreviation of this came up on the till, I fell in love with the jumper that I had just scanned and proceeded to go home and describe this with the new word I had learnt from the till. I got the pronunciation very wrong and since then my family laugh every time that word or print comes up. This has caused me to forget the real pronunciation which means I continue to make a fool of myself around Christmastime..

I’m not entirely sure what to think about swear words, I dislike them when people use them all the time but then they also seem to lose their shock value. The thing I do like about them is the impact they have when someone who very rarely swears uses one. You know they are really feeling an extreme emotion.

Other than those I can’t really think of any others, I think that it really depends on the context more than the word itself.

If you read my last list about the weekend you may remember me mentioning going on a 23 mile bike ride, I did in fact manage this at the weekend and also on Tuesday. This may not necessarily seem like a big achievement, but you didn’t see how steep the hill I had to cycle up was; it was pretty daunting. But 23 miles is one step closer to catching my parents up (their furthest being 75 miles!).


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