Mini Haul

Despite being skint (classic student in summer) I have managed to do a little shopping the past few days and I thought I would share my finds.


I know Primark’s not the nicest of places, but it’s usually quite good just for staple items and I really needed just some more plain tops to go with jeans or skirts, so I picked up these three. They are actually meant to be crop tops so instead of going for my usual size 6, I grabbed a size 14 of the black one and hoped it would work out at a normal t-shirt length, which it did so I went back and bought the blue/grey and white ones too! These three were just £3 each.


I raided the charity shops in Lincoln and found this lovely shirt. I’d been looking for something like this for a while to wear casually with leggings or jeans, so when I saw it I had to grab it. At the bargain price of £3.99 (and all for charity anyway) how could I say no? It also feels really good quality and you can’t tell that it’s even been worn.



Today I went to Boots and decided to treat myself using my loyalty points and got myself matching red lipstick and nail varnish, both Rimmel.

Recently there was a bit of an accident with my red lipstick in which it ended up looking like this…


so clearly it needed replacing. Luckily it was only a Collection one, so not expensive at all (number 17, Valentine if you’re interested) but still a bit heartbreaking.


The new one I bought was number 170, Alarm and it was also pretty cheap at £4.99. It seems to be more of a pinky red and strangely smells like sweets! I’m not sure on how well it lasts because I only put it on for the test of the colour but I may update you on that. I realise it doesn’t look that red in the picture but I think it’s a mixture of the light and the fact I didn’t put it on very well.


I also realised that I didn’t own any red nail varnish so that obviously had to change. I bought the ‘Queen of Tarts’ shade of red which is perfect, not too orange or too dark. I love Rimmel nail varnish anyway, it always seems to last so long and gives a solid colour usually only needing one coat, so I was confident when I bought this that it would be a winner. Perfect for a poor student too at just £2.99!


2 thoughts on “Mini Haul

  1. bethanysuthers says:

    This is such a cute little haul, really love the shirt you picked up from the charity shop. I love anything stripey at the moment and think that it would look amazing paired with some white jeans and also that red lipstick you picked up (obviously when you get a new one haha. I would love it if you checked out my blog as I just did a lipstick related post that you may like reading 🙂

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