If I won the lottery

It may seem that I have abandoned the 30 days of lists challenge a bit, but that is not the case! Here is list number 7, what would I do if I won the lottery?


For one, I would have a lot more of this.

  • The main thing would be to pay for my parents to retire early, especially my dad who really hates his job
  • Buy myself a car, instead of borrowing my Gran’s all the time
  • Go on more holidays, see more concerts and generally get out more without worrying about the cost
  • Buy a mac, I can’t really justify saving up and buying a mac now, especially when the main reason I want one is because they’re so pretty, but if I had the money..
  • Buy nicer make up; currently nearly all my make up is Rimmel (which is a brand I really love) but I would like to at least be able to try more expensive make up without it bankrupting me
  • Go clothes shopping somewhere other than Primark to completely update my wardrobe
  • Eat nicer food at uni, at the moment I live off Sainsbury’s basics
  • Go out for coffee; it doesn’t seem a lot to spend as a one off, but all those costa trips can really add up



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