Inside my Bag

This is a type of post that I love reading on other people’s blogs, so I’m glad that it happens to be list 8 on the 30 day challenge! Although this is on the list section, I think it needs a slightly different layout to my normal list posts.


This is my handbag; it’s from ASOS and I take it everywhere. It is the perfect size to fit my stuff in, plus any extras I buy when I’m out (and by that I mean receipts). As you can see it is a black satchel type bag, that has a magnetic popper fastening.


The main contents of my bag.


These are probably the prettiest things inside my bag. My purse is a Cath Kidston one that my best friend got me a couple of birthdays ago and I love it! It will not be replaced until it literally falls apart.

My umbrella is also an essential in England and is from Primark. I usually buy my umbrellas from Primark because they’re cheap and pretty, it also means it’s not the end of the world if they break.


Headphones are vital because I walk pretty much everywhere and clearly can’t do that without a backing track to make me feel like I’m in a music video/movie.

The mysterious black box is my portable phone charger which I rarely leave the house without. I rely on my phone a lot, especially for Google Maps since moving to Leeds because I am hopeless with directions, so this little gadget means I am never stranded with a dead phone.


These are my little beauty bits; hand cream especially for the winter when my skin begins to resemble a witch’s, hand sanitiser for those emergencies like touching something suspicious on public transport, or going to a dodgy public toilet and lip balm to rescue my lips from my incessant picking and chewing.


And here are the random bits and bobs.

Half a pack of chewing gum for after the smelly food I will inevitably eat. Half a pack of soothers for that unexpected sore throat that’s bound to be around the corner. Ibuprofen for emergencies, usually not mine. Plasters for my poor feet that are usually ripped apart by a bad choice of footwear. Hair bobbles and grips to control the crazy mane that is my hair.

Usually along with all this I will find a collection of receipts and scraps of paper, this time all that I found was a free book of the week card from Starbucks.

When I’m about to go out I always stick a bottle of water in my handbag too, because dehydration is never a good look.

Hope you enjoyed this list, is there anything unusual you carry around in your bags?


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