Back to University

I am officially in the last week of my 3 month summer holiday, it’s really flown by (cliche, I know).

When I go back to university on Sunday I will be moving into a house, as opposed to the university halls I was living in last year, which means a whole new room to decorate, eeek! When I say decorate, of course it is a rented house with all the furniture included so there isn’t anything major I can do, but giving my room that personal touch will make being away from home again that little bit easier.

Back to uni 3

Back to uni 2

To start with I did actually buy some useful things for this academic year. The free pens I collected from all the freshers fairs last year will probably last me a lifetime, so they weren’t on my list this time. I did grab a couple of folders from Tesco to store all my lecture notes in, I thought this would be a better idea than notebooks because it allows me to redo any notes to make them neater and prettier (which of course is always the aim!).

I also got this academic diary/planner from Amazon, which I found last year I couldn’t live without. Without one I would never have met all my deadlines without having some sort of breakdown!

Back to uni 8

Mini cacti are something I have been looking for for a while now and I finally came across some in my (first ever) trip to IKEA the other day. They were £4.50 for 3 which I thought was a bargain and will be really cute dotted around my room!

Back to uni 1

Also from IKEA is this cute little toothbrush pot which I will be using to store my pens.

Back to uni 5

As I wasn’t allowed them in my accommodation last year, I’ve gone a bit candle crazy for my new room.

  • Passion fruit and melon flavour from Tesco
  • ‘Queen of Fragrance’ from Dunelm
  • Red berry and jasmine flavour from Primark
  • Spa (I think?) flavour from IKEA
  • Berry flavour from IKEA

I may do some sort of candle review when I have actually tried them.

Back to uni 6

For in the kitchen I bought two large clip top jars to store my coffee and sugar in (seriously a university essential). I’m planning on sticking some labels on these to make them even cuter!

Back to uni 4

This year my bedroom is in the basement of our house, this has made me slightly concerned about the lighting of the room. I am taking two of these plain black desk lamps from home with me to hopefully help solve this. I’ve also bought 10 metres of fairy lights from Amazon which I am going to hang up around my room.

Back to uni 7

I am so excited to decorate my room and make it my own, I’m hoping that this excitement helps to take my mind off any homesickness I might feel when moving back to uni.

I’ll keep you all updated on the progress of my new room and hopefully have some pretty pictures to show you soon.

To anyone starting uni or going back in the next couple of weeks, what are your plans to personalise your room?


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