Busy Lives and Bake Off

I can see this whole being back at uni thing becoming a problem blog-wise. I have now remembered why my blog got very little attention over the past year, clearly the summer gave me temporary memory loss, because I am very busy.

Being in uni 9-5 the majority of days isn’t even the big problem; it’s that when I get back I have so many lectures to write up, assignments to complete and food to make. Mix that with actually wanting to see my housemates and being so exhausted that all I can bring myself to do is watch weird documentaries on Netflix all results in a very neglected blog.


All I can say is I will do my best, I do really enjoy this blog but at the end of the day my studies have to come first; especially as second year of medicine is notoriously one of the harder ones in Leeds. I’m not abandoning this, but don’t be expecting a crazy busy posting schedule, I do kind of want to keep my sanity (as much as possible).

With that out of the way, here’s what has happened in my first few weeks back at uni!

In the first week my three friends from home came to stay and experience midweek nights out in Leeds. We began the two day stay with my first trip to Reds, the BBQ restaurant with the quirky ‘meat bible’ for a menu.


This is what my flatmates were greeted with when they woke up Thursday morning. This was the 3am sick cleaning attempt, classy I know (not mine I might add).


After night out number two we were ready for the mammoth hangover cure that was this brunch…


A moving in present from me to me was a desperately needed new pair of jeans.


Getting back into the routine of cooking for myself has been a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, here is my dubious looking attempt at a sausage casserole; which actually turned out to be very tasty!


Also I have discovered that as much as students do live up to their reputation as party animals, they also have the unspoken rule that if bake off is on it must be watched. I was practically kicked out of my house for uttering the words ‘I’m not a big fan of bake off’. I soon learned and by the following week I was sat along with the rest of my house munching on homemade carrot cake and criticising baking techniques like I knew what a mokatine even was.


My boyfriend visited last weekend and although we didn’t really do much, we did go to this amazing Gelato place. Despite the dodgy outer appearance of the place, it’s actually really nice inside and the hot cookie dough I had was bliss!




Looking back over this post I realise it seems to have a major food theme… oops!

At some point I’ll take some decent photos of my room to show you, because it does look pretty cute, if I do say so myself.


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