Eating Healthy to Feel Healthy

So far this term I have been fairly healthy; by this I mean trying my best to hit 4ish of my five a day, snacking less and drinking a gallon of water. Along with hitting the gym/pool a few times a week this has actually been making me feel a lot less grotty. But I can feel this slowly starting to slip..

Gradually my cravings for chocolate have begun increasing and my budget has been decreasing, this has led to 30p bars of Aldi chocolate becoming a lot more attractive than a £1 pack of lettuce.


The thing I struggle most with is lunch. It is so hard to find something exciting and healthy-ish that won’t go off in a day or break the bank and actually tastes good. There’s also the added difficulty of it having to be transported to uni.

For example, today I finished uni before lunch so I had the prime opportunity to whip up something healthy, when in reality I actually grabbed a pack of Aldi’s own (see the theme here) super noodles and shoved them in the microwave. Now I am sat in bed writing this in a post noodle slump when I really should be revising for my spot test.

I always try and justify my unhealthy choices with ‘oh well I could do with putting on a bit of weight anyway’. Although that may be true, this is not the right way to be going about it and is making me feel unmotivated and gross so it’s really not worth it.

The purpose of this post? Basically me giving myself a well needed wake up call to get my act together and set some health goals:

  1. Stop buying super noodles/other ready meal alternatives
  2. Snack if you want, but not everyday and please consider fruit before chocolate
  3. Buy the fruit (it’s worth the money) and eat it before it goes mouldy
  4. Make the effort with preparing lunch the night before, you’ll be grateful in the morning
  5. Look up some new lunch ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment

Overall I would say that I’m moderately healthy for a student and people who know what I eat probably would say that I’m overreacting. Maybe its just the noodles talking, but if I can feel a difference in my mood and energy levels then it’s worth doing something about.

What are your tips for eating healthier?


3 thoughts on “Eating Healthy to Feel Healthy

  1. Idle Emma says:

    When the chocolate bars are so cheap, it can be hard to resist them, especially when fruit and the healthier snacks are so expensive. My bad habit is opening up a packet of biscuits and making the mistake of bringing them into the sitting room with me along with a cup of tea.

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