Uninspired and Tired

So I’m home for Christmas! Hoorayy!

I’m loving being with my family again so much, but for the past two days everyone has been at work/school and I’ve been feeling a bit lost.

Back to uni 4

Don’t get me wrong, normally I love nothing more than a day at home to myself to catch up with reading or blogging or any other little jobs that need doing, but I’ve just been feeling so uninspired. All I want to do is slob on the sofa which is fine, but even doing that I feel quite angsty and frustrated like I should be doing something else.

Reading blogs isn’t helping either because they just make me want to produce all this amazing content and whenever I try, it all comes out as a ramble of words. This is just reverting me back to my ‘oh I’m just not a creative person’ mindset, where I feel like I just can’t do it and should stop trying. I know this isn’t what I really want though, I want to keep this creative outlet, even if it only gets attention in the holidays (and is hidden from everyone I know).

I finished my last week of uni feeling inspired after visiting so many museums and talking about so many books, that I would start properly reading again but I just can’t engage with anything.

I don’t think the weather’s helping either, I just hate how dark it’s getting so early, it’s making me feel miserable and like I can’t do anything productive with my day after about half 3 because that’s the day over.

Maybe it’s just because I’ve gone from being so busy to having no plans and I’m feeling a bit ill and restless anyway. I’m hoping it will just pass in a couple of days and I’ll stop feeling permanently irritated.

If anyone has any tips on how to get out of my slump then please comment!


2 thoughts on “Uninspired and Tired

  1. missmorphinex says:

    I found reading something inspiring first thing in the morning puts my mind in a good place to start the day, I make a list of everything I’d like to do the next day every night before i go to sleep and after reading this, I then read my list and somehow it gives me the little boost I need to get myself going and start my day in a positive way. I don’t know how helpful this might be to you but it was a little advice i was given and its worked wonders!

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