My Month in Photos

Hi guys!

So I thought I’d just give you a quick whizz through my last couple of months in photo form.


Here’s a picture I took at the train station waiting to come home for the weekend in the middle of the term, it felt like such a nice warm day at that point, unfortunately by the time I got home it was chucking it down.


I saw this lovely sunrise one morning on the way to placement, it brightened my morning and set me up for a good day so I thought I would capture (and ofc Instagram) the moment.


Look at how delicious these look! My mouth is watering just writing this. I went for an ice cream date with my best friend at my new favourite place; Gelato Passion. I’ve never really seen a dessert restaurant/café before moving to Leeds and now there’s literally at least three within walking distance of me, heaven! (Although not so heavenly for my sugar intake)


For the last two weeks of term I’ve been involved in a project researching and learning about the history of illness in children, this included a trip to Howarth and the Bronte Parsonage museum (this is the view from outside). The visit was so eye opening, it definitely inspired me to get reading again (starting with Jane Eyre!).


Here is a picture of the beautiful Christmas dinner me and my housemates created. I was really impressed that it actually turned out to not be a disaster (insert party emoji), although not so impressed that I couldn’t finish it all. The rest of that evening was filled with other Christmassy fun including secret santa and an 8 round, homemade Christmas quiz.

Gingerbread latte

Both my parents had the day off on Wednesday so we hit the gym in the morning and went out for gingerbread lattes (aka best drink ever) in the afternoon. Here is my classic ‘white girl’ snap of my latte, so cliché.

Coffee and mince pie

This is my less impressive coffee (in my Sindy mug, how old am I?) but with my favourite Christmas treat… a mince pie! I have been craving one of these since I first spotted them a month ago in Aldi and convinced myself they weren’t a necessity; how wrong I was. Now I’m back home, two boxes down and couldn’t be happier.

So as per usual, the majority of my pictures over the last few months involve food. I’m pretty certain I do do things other than just eat, but I never seem to think about documenting it unless there’s something tasty on show. Maybe this is something I can change over the new year..


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