Quite a few years on from when I made this blog, I still don’t really know the point of it, or where it’s heading (to the back of my mind again probably), but whenever I do remember it I also remember how I actually enjoy having somewhere to ramble, so I guess that’s generally the point of it.

I am now at university studying medicine and really enjoying it. I still love playing the guitar, although unfortunately that seems to be something I’m doing less and less now, the same thing seems to have happened to my reading too; as you might’ve guessed if you’ve noticed the lack of progress on my ‘100 Book Challenge‘. I feel that going to university has resulted in me developing stronger feminist views about the world and I think that should be something that features more strongly on this blog. I think fundamentally I haven’t changed much in this break from blogging; I am still the worrying, decision-phobic, clean freak whose best friends are her parents, but I have definitely grown in confidence and I’m happier than I have ever been before. So lets just see how this goes..


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