Eating Healthy to Feel Healthy

So far this term I have been fairly healthy; by this I mean trying my best to hit 4ish of my five a day, snacking less and drinking a gallon of water. Along with hitting the gym/pool a few times a week this has actually been making me feel a lot less grotty. But I can feel this slowly starting to slip..

Gradually my cravings for chocolate have begun increasing and my budget has been decreasing, this has led to 30p bars of Aldi chocolate becoming a lot more attractive than a £1 pack of lettuce.


The thing I struggle most with is lunch. It is so hard to find something exciting and healthy-ish that won’t go off in a day or break the bank and actually tastes good. There’s also the added difficulty of it having to be transported to uni.

For example, today I finished uni before lunch so I had the prime opportunity to whip up something healthy, when in reality I actually grabbed a pack of Aldi’s own (see the theme here) super noodles and shoved them in the microwave. Now I am sat in bed writing this in a post noodle slump when I really should be revising for my spot test.

I always try and justify my unhealthy choices with ‘oh well I could do with putting on a bit of weight anyway’. Although that may be true, this is not the right way to be going about it and is making me feel unmotivated and gross so it’s really not worth it.

The purpose of this post? Basically me giving myself a well needed wake up call to get my act together and set some health goals:

  1. Stop buying super noodles/other ready meal alternatives
  2. Snack if you want, but not everyday and please consider fruit before chocolate
  3. Buy the fruit (it’s worth the money) and eat it before it goes mouldy
  4. Make the effort with preparing lunch the night before, you’ll be grateful in the morning
  5. Look up some new lunch ideas, don’t be afraid to experiment

Overall I would say that I’m moderately healthy for a student and people who know what I eat probably would say that I’m overreacting. Maybe its just the noodles talking, but if I can feel a difference in my mood and energy levels then it’s worth doing something about.

What are your tips for eating healthier?


Keeping Fit at Uni

I am ashamed to admit that my last (and first) fitness post was the last time I actually went out on my bike… oops! I don’t know what happened, I was busy on the days the weather was nice and couldn’t face going for a ride in the rain. I also moved back to uni 4 weeks ago, so I no longer have access to a bike.

Last week I decided my inactive period had to end, so here are the tips I’ve found useful for keeping fit at uni.

Consider buying a gym membership

Now I am all for free exercise and was planning on following Youtube yoga tutorials and go out for jogs, but I realised by planning this pressure free exercise schedule I wasn’t sticking to it at all. I decided that if I spent money on the gym then it would pressure me into going to get my money’s worth. This is something that just worked for me, so don’t feel like you have to buy one if you are motivated enough to stick to a home workout plan.

Get the look

I’m not saying you should go and splash out on high end, branded fitness gear (of course you can if you want!), but looking the part definitely helps motivate me to workout. Especially if you are new to exercising or going to the gym, having the appropriate outfit makes me feel as though I belong a bit more. It is also useful for more practical reasons like if you have trainers without the necessary support then your feet will hurt, or if you aren’t wearing flexible clothing you will feel constricted.

Gym clothes

Plan it out

Because the membership I bought only allows access to the gym at restricted times and my timetable is usually pretty busy I’m having to plan my exercise times. I’m finding this helps me to actually stick to a schedule too, especially if I write it in my planner.

Involve your friends

Another way of ensuring I stick to my schedule is planning to go with my friends, this way I have extra motivation to get up that hour early to go swimming because I don’t want to let other people down. This also makes working out more fun and gives you a chance to catch up with friends over something more productive than coffee (although definitely still do that).

Vary your activities

I don’t know about you but I find that going to the gym to do the same hour routine every few days/week can get very boring. My advice is to try out the other facilities your gym offers, for example swimming or exercise classes, or even just dedicate one session to cardio and another to weights and floor work. You could also join a sports society, which not only means you will make new friends, but you can also try some really wacky sports; like the Quidditch society at my uni! Including variety into your workout routines will make them more interesting and motivating.

Celebrate the small goals

I make sure to set myself small goals for each workout, like swimming 54 lengths instead of 50, and make sure to acknowledge when I achieve them. Even just realising that your normal routine is getting that little bit easier to complete is a great feeling and makes it all feel worth it.

Hope these were useful. What workout tips do you have?

Cycling Towards a Healthier Me

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I am skinny.

That’s just a fact, but by no means does that mean I am healthy. When I thought about it, I realised that I don’t really do any exercise and especially when at uni I can eat quite unhealthily and that was making me feel quite sluggish and gross. This is when I decided that I needed to make some changes.

These changes aren’t something I made to alter my appearance or lose weight (in fact I’m hoping to put some on in muscle form) just for me to feel stronger and healthier.

So in the past few months I have tried to be more active (especially because it’s the holidays so I haven’t been walking to uni everyday) and I thought I would document some of the steps I have been taking on here.

One type of exercise I do enjoy (in summer) is cycling. My parents have also been getting quite into cycling whilst I’ve been at uni so they kind of inspired me too. I started off by going on 10 mile bike rides a couple of times a week and slowly worked my way up to 15 miles, 25 miles and today I completed my first 40 mile bike ride.

It felt great today when I was able to join my parents on one of their longer bike rides, especially after that being my goal at the start of the summer. The longer bike rides are also more exciting because they include food stops along the way!

So I made it round in my makeshift cycling gear; a borrowed cycling top and bike from my mum, sunglasses borrowed from my dad, shorts not made for cycling at all and gloves and helmet that are actually mine.

Vital kit

Vital kit

Something borrowed, something blue

Something borrowed, something blue

Pit stop halfway through

Pit stop halfway through (I realise it’s not the healthiest)

Stop for a cereal bar with 10 miles to go

Stop for a cereal bar with 10 miles to go

Lots of fields and pretty skies

Lots of fields and pretty skies

The end result

The end result

I don’t want to think about how much my legs will ache tomorrow!